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The Beauty of Rhine River Cruises

August 27, 2014 - 5:38am
Munich Skyline

Those interested in Rhine river cruises will want to check out our spring departure, when the Netherlands and Germany are at their highest peak of beauty. Beginning in Munich with our comprehensive city tour, you will be able to see amazing sights, such as the English Gardens, which are larger than New York City's Central Park.

You will be elated to discover the rich history and tradition in this German city. Munich has been a city officially since 1175. A fire in the 1300s burned down much of the city, but it has been reconstructed. The variety and style of the architecture in Munich is incredible, and will leave you anticipating the rest of this trip.

Enjoy Diversity and Luxury on Your Cruise Vacation

In addition to all of the locations you will be able to explore on your trip, there is always the plus of having a wide variety of places to stay, and the luxury our ships have to offer. After Munich you will transfer to Cologne, and then visit Heidelberg before boarding.

Rhine river cruises offer breathtaking scenery and excellent value. We take care of the details while you are able to enjoy the beauty and peace of the Rhine, which is the twelfth longest river in Europe. You will visit Rüdesheim and take in the amazing vineyards for which it is famous.

Castles And Magic on Rhine River Cruises

Europe is famous for many things. Castles play an integral role in the history, architecture and scenery of Europe. You will be able to see many imposing fortresses and majestic castles nestled on the Rhine during these cruise vacations. You will be able to stop and enjoy the beauty and rich history of Koblenz. If you love learning about the history of Europe, this stop will give you a deeper insight into Germany's heritage. You will see the forts all along the hills as we move through this captivating destination.

Language is Not an Obstacle

It can be intimidating to go to these locations if you think that you might have some language gaps if you don't speak German, Dutch or French. There is no reason to be concerned on these trips, however. Not only is our staff always there to help you, but you can rest assured that most Germans and Dutch individuals speak a great deal of English.

Indeed, you may be astonished to learn how much English is spoken in Europe. Many of our guests are surprised by their ability to easily navigate the cities we visit. There is always a good reason to enjoy one of our Rhine river cruises. The experience of a lifetime awaits you in this romantic and picturesque setting.