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A Greener Way to Motor Coach

Making the World a Greener Place - One Motor Coach at a Time

As awareness of declining environmental health becomes increasingly prevalent, a need arises to find greener ways to enjoy life’s many activities – in this case, travel. It is not a secret that the various modes of transportation contribute a large share of the pollution and carbon emissions in the air, but that does not mean that people are powerless over how much of an impact their individual behaviors have on the environment. The good news is, there is a solution.

Enter the world of the motor coach – though not everyone thinks of these hefty automotives as glamorous or perhaps popular, they are in fact one of the “greenest” ways to travel today, which is why they are making a comeback. Did you know that bus travel generates 55-75% (depending on distance) less global warming pollution per passenger than flying, or that one motor coach can take as many as fifty cars off the road? Now multiply that by the trend towards group travel on buses and the impact starts accelerating with incredible speed.

To help improve the standards of this burgeoning travel method, a collaborative project has been developed at the University of Vermont with the assistance of the American Bus Association (ABA) and the United Motorcoach Association (UMA). The project, titled the “Green Coach Certification Research initiative” (GCC), is based on voluntary participation and the idea of transparency, a concept that will allow consumers to clearly identify what green measures are being used by participating bus lines. Some examples of certifications will be, “Passenger Miles Certified,” “Clean Engine technology,” “Offsets” and “Energy Reduction.” (For more information about these certifications, please visit the GCC Research Program website.)

Motor coaches are reappearing in the world of travel at a significant pace. They have retained the appeal of low fares and capacity for large groups while adding the invaluable benefits of greener travel plus updated coaches which now offer seat-back video or wireless Internet connections. In their revamped design, motor coaches are the ideal choice for anyone who wants to get from point A to point B and enjoy the preserved beauty of Mother Nature, mile after mile in the utmost comfort.