Celebrating 50 Years | 1967 - 2017
Escorted Tours & Cruise Vacations

Responsible Travel

Since its founding in 1967, YMT Vacations has strived toward the goal of providing mature travelers with affordable, full-service, carefree, wholesale group tour vacation packages.  The unique quality of group travel is that it provides guests with the opportunity to forge new friendships, strengthen existing ones, develop a network of travel partners and create impactful and everlasting memories which will enhance the way they see the world around them.  Whether you are in Hawaii or Alaska, Mexico or Europe, or anywhere in between, a tour with YMT will help illuminate the beauty of nature and highlight the many wonders each of our destinations has to offer.

As preserving the fragility and essence of these destinations has always been of the utmost importance to us, YMT Vacations has made great efforts to connect with transportation partners who are of like minds.  From trains to motor coaches to cruise ships, we along with our friends in travel are focused on “being green.”  Did you know, for example, that one motor coach can take as many as fifty cars off the road?  Or that all of our cruise lines are green leaders in their travel sectors?  We take environmental preservation seriously, for as much as we love to travel, we also love having places to travel to.  By implementing greener strategies and a notion of responsible travel across the company, YMT Vacations has proudly become a leader in the affordable tour industry – a position which we plan to maintain for many years to come.